what we’re doing + where’s the soap

we’re with you (from an acceptable distance).

whew, a lot sure has changed in the last few weeks. we want you to know we’re doing all we can to make our soap + cleaning supplies available, and to prioritize the wellbeing of our employees, families and community (that’s you!). we’re all in this together – let’s stay strong, stay clean, and stay kind.


here’s our latest suds status:


  • we know it’s been harder to find our soaps + cleaners. our factory is working (literally) around the clock to get supply back up and ship it out to stores.


  • in compliance with local orders, our office employees are sheltering in place and working from home.


  • our Chicago factory, the Southside Soap Box, is still fully operational, producing prioritized products like hand soap and cleaning sprays. for the wellness of our workers (aka soap stars) we’re doing temperature checks, requiring social distancing, performing site disinfection, and making frequent hand-washing standard operating procedure. we’ve also converted a number of temporary employees to full-time, with benefits including paid sick leave and health insurance.



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